Job Secure Process of Selection

Process of Selection

  • The client company would inform to us of the requirements through e-
  • Mail/telephone or any other mode of communication.
  • We accept an assignment with an exclusivity period of 1-2 weeks. During this period we conduct a focused search from our database, other resources and also
  • Track down appropriate profiles from industry.
  • The agency would do the initial screening of the prospective candidates and match
  • Them against the given specification/benchmarks.
  • We would send the resumes along with the interview impressions of only those
  • Candidates who would fit the given specifications.
  • The client would inform us the name of the candidates who have to be called for the further interviews. We at Job Secure coordinate the telephonic interviews and meetings¬†Between the client and the candidate.
  • The client would give the selected candidates an offer depending on the
  • Availability of a suitable position.
  • We would be informed of the outcome of the selection process for each candidate,
  • With a copy of the appointment letter.