Job Secure Effective Staffing Practice

Effective Staffing services

We believe that the best approach to deliver effective recruitment services is to use competent recruitment and selection methodologies, take a meticulous and focused approach for each

skill, and to have dedicated recruiters, trained and knowledgeable in the skill sector that they serve.

We have large database of Software and telecom professional personnel. With our dedicated efforts and effective placements, our database of Regional as well as Global candidates is expanding continuously. Apart from that, we proactively expand our database using the Internet, strategic alliances, a network of sub-vendors, and referrals. This enables our consultants to identify suitable candidates quickly in response to your requirements


Our research based approach ensures that we understand the business that the organization is in, the work culture, the details of the job, and the prospective executive’s profile, to enable us to search suitable profile for the impending position, thus minimizing the risk of a mismatch.

We would then monitor and discuss the progress at each stage of the recruitment process both with the client and candidate. Where relevant, we would interface with the client, to iron out issues and concerns, at both ends, to pave the way for a common meeting ground, including

salary fixation, other terms and joining formalities.